Testament of Soldiers

We are warriors. We are patriots.

We are brothers in arms.
We are sons, We are fathers.
We are of conscience and humanity.
We are of flesh and blood.
We are capable of compassion and understanding.
We are human.
We are the champions of liberty and the keepers of peace.
We are the guardians of freedom´s frontier.
We are soldiers.
We are the first to feel the pain of battle;
to suffer the anguish of war;
to endure the horror and agony of hell.
Our eyes have teared in witness
to the destruction by our hands
and our souls have cried
to be rescued from the horrors of man.
Yet doubt not our resolve;
for our loyalty to our country is pure.


And when the hour comes
that our swords must be unsheathed,
we will strike with vengeance;
pure in body and pure in soul.
Every soldier must face the paradox
between the love of life and liberty,
and the risk of defending that love.
So we will bear the wounds for our country;
for like our brothers before us.
We know that freedom is not obtained without a price.
Our cause is born of purity and justice.
It is an idea worth dying for.
Take hold of it. Embrace it. Nurture it.
Hold it in the highest esteem.
For it is not yet paid for.
And in the twilight hours of the morning
before the dawn greets the day.
On freedom´s horizon you will find us:

the sons of liberty.